Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Leak Free Shower Pods superior to Wall Panels?
Wall panels have vertical joins, allowing water ingress unless very expertly fitted. Should water get behind the panels, depending on the materials they’re made from, they tend to swell and warp. Wall panels meet the tray in the same way as tiles. They need to be sealed to the tray, typically, with a silicone seal. Again, this raises the risk of leakage. So, wall panels are nearly just as poor as tiles and tray for risk of leak damage.
Does the underside of the unit need supporting with concrete or screed?
No it’s fully self-supporting.
What size door can the 900 Alcove units fit through?
Because it’s three sided, you really need 900mm of space to get through the door and any hallways or stairwells. The 1200 Alcove is made in three sections and can get through 750mm.
Where is the waste? Can it be moved?
The waste is per the spec drawings and cannot be moved. These are moulded products and the moulds are not changeable.
What type of doors do I have to buy to fit it?
The units are made to suit standard showers on the market. For example, the radius on the quads is 550mm, industry standard. You can take the unit with our doors (recommended) or you can buy a door somewhere else. Be careful though, especially with the Alcove units that you get enough adjustment on the door to fit the unit.
Can I attach a shower valve?
Yes, the unit is backed up with ply so it can accept screws for valves, soap dishes etc.
What is the height from top to bottom?
As per the spec drawings.
Do we need to cut a gully in the wall to take the piping behind?
The unit has a triangulated corner giving enough space behind for most piping options.
What is the weight of the unit?
It depends on which unit, around 35 kilos.
I was told by the retailer that the tray is strong enough to withstand 60 stone?
It’s actually much stronger than that but, we only tested it to 60 stone, no parties!
What kind of acrylic do you use? Is it lucite acrylic?

No, we use an Isophthalic gel coat. This is anti-bacterial, easy clean, very durable and long-lasting. We find acrylic can look “plastic” and be very light and flexible.

Your webpage says that they are 'Anti-Bacterial'. How is this done?
The Gel coat we use on the surface is Isophthalic. This gives it anti-bacterial qualities.
Is silicone required during the wall-mount assembly?
No, the unit doesn’t need any silicone. The join has a memory foam gasket and needs no extra protection. The only place where silicone will be needed is with the shower door.
What size door can the 900 Quad fit through?
The unit has a join about a third of the way up, this means it can fit through virtually any size door.
What’s it made of?
The unit is very strong. It’s made with a 4 layer construction with about 2mm of Marine grade Gel coat on the surface, 6mm of GRP (Fibreglass) behind that, 18mm of Marine ply behind that and a coating of GRP to encapsulate everything and make it completely impervious to moisture.
Can you put the alcove free standing in the centre of the room?
Not really, it’s designed to fit into between three walls. The inside looks great; the outside looks bare and grey. It also needs the walls for stability. If you’re installing more than one unit however, you can join them side by side quite easily.
Can I attach a shower chair?
Not really, the weight involved would be just too much, you’d need to go through the unit and attach to the wall behind.
What size is it?
As per the spec drawings.
Can they be cut at the top for dormer ceilings?
Yes, they can be trimmed on site. The best tool for the job is a Diamond-tipped angle grinder blade.
Where is the join?
As per the spec drawings.
I was wondering if you have brought on any more new sizes?
These will always be updated to the website.
Can I pour a drain clearer/cleaner through the exit hole?
Yes. But, it would be better to check for hair and waste build up in the removable cup first.
I think there is a smell coming from the outlet. I was wondering if I can pour boiling water down the exit hole?
Our wastes are made in the UK by McAlpine. They’re arguably the best on the market. They all have a built in water trap to block odors. If yours has an odor then the waste trap has not been fitted correctly or is broken. Are you sure you used ours?
Any product you would recommend for cleaning the glass?
You can use any normal glass cleaner that’s not hard on skin.
I see you do not recommend CIF for cleaning -what agent would you recommend?
Any non-abrasive cleaner. The same as you’d use for your bath.
How do we take care of plug hole ie if it ever gets blocked with hair etc?
The waste comes with an easy clean facility, it can be lifted out and emptied/cleaned.

Looking for more information or you have any questions?

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