Care Instructions

General Care & Maintenance
Providing this product is installed & operated in accordance with these instructions, problems should not arise. However should maintenance be required it should be carried out by a competent person with reference to Envirotec Bathing’s fitting instructions. Before any work is carried out the root cause of the problem must be identified. Envirotec Bathing service engineers are available if necessary to consult / carry out remedial work. Call Envirotec Bathing Ltd on: 01204 389 824.

All GRP components in this product have an Isophthalic gel coating aiding ‘runoff’ of water droplets, reducing the need for frequent cleaning. For best appearance / product life however, regular cleaning is recommended.

(Every one to two weeks depending on local water {hardness} conditions).

Use ONLY mild soap / detergent solutions to clean. Rinse with water, squeegee glass panels & wipe frames dry with a soft cloth. Under no circumstances should abrasive, caustic or scouring products be used. Cleaning products should have pH value 4 ~ 8.

DO NOT use ‘spray & leave’ type cleaning products.

Noncompliance with these cleaning instructions may cause plated / painted finishes to deteriorate & could adversely affect safe operation of the enclosure.

Should a build-up of lime scale occur on the glass door enclosure, remove using a 50:50 solution of white vinegar & water applied with a soft cloth & rinsed / dried thoroughly afterwards.

Daily Care
To prevent the build-up of lime scale, do not allow water droplets to dry on glass or frames. After showering, rinse with water, remove droplets from glass with a squeegee & wipe frame with a soft cloth. To prevent waste blockage, ensure that the waste collector is emptied regularly to maintain water flow.

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